Voices From Student

Prepared by: Welfare and Technical Department, Friends of IRC (FIRC).


       Lately, we had received several reports regarding the rules and regulations in Resource Centre. We try to get the explanation about this issue and IRC Management staffs had given a good feedback and try to attempt to each of the problems. Below are the list of rules and regulations of Resource Centre that has been established since the Resource Centre is opened. 


    All users should adhere to Rules and Regulations set by Academic Resource Committee. Any infringement of the rules and regulations will result in certain penalties by the Information Resource Centre management. The rules and regulation are as follows: 

    1. UTP Student of Staff cards must be worn at all times within the Resource Centre premises. 

    2. Conduct prejudicial to the proper use of the Resource Centre is forbidden. Particularly, silence must be observed at all times in or within the Resource Centre premises. 

    3. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the Resource Centre. 

    4. Usage of hand phone is not allowed in the Resource Centre. Users must switch off their hand phones before entering the Resource Centre area. 

    5. Personal items such as bags, umbrellas, parcels, cases, etc. are not allowed to be brought into the Resource Centre except for files, books and personal stationeries.

    6. Users of Resource Centre should be properly attired. Sandals, slippers, shorts, singlet and tight-fitting garments are strictly prohibited in the Resource Centre. Resource Centre staff has the right to ask/demand any users who is considered improperly dressed to leave the Resource Centre. For those who are improperly dressed, guard and Resource Centre staffs have the right for not allowing you to enter the Resource Centre.

    7. Caps, hats, helmets or pets are not allowed in the Resource Centre.

    8. Resource Centre does not supply telephone service for users and does not accept any incoming calls on their behalf.

    9. Seats in the Resource Centre cannot be reserved. Unattended books, files, bags or other personal belongings left on the tables may be removed by the Resource Centre staff to make room for other readers.

    10. Cleanliness must be maintained at all times in or within the Resource Centre premises.

    11. Users should use Resource Centre facilities and equipment with care. Resource Centre materials should not be removed from the Resource Centre unless the Resource Centre staff has properly issued them.

    12. Resource Centre books should be placed on trolleys, while newspapers and journals on their designated racks and places after being used. 

    13. All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff at the Resource Centre Circulation Counter whenever required to do so. 

    14. Users must adhere to all rules and regulations governing photocopying and shall be fully responsible for any breach thereof. 

    15. All Resource Centre books and materials must be returned to the Resource Centre before or on their respective due dates and before any academic; and non-academic staff goes on sabbatical or annual leaves. Any late due will be fine RM0.20 per day per book. 

    16. Resource Centre staffs have the right to ask any user who is considered causing disturbance to leave the Resource Centre. Sleeping is not permitted in the Resource Centre. 

    17. Resource Centre will not be responsible for any loss, damage or misplacement of users' belongings. 

    18. Resource Centre has the right to suspend or terminate the users' membership or borrowing privileges for any infringement of Resource Centre Rules and Regulations. 

    19. Lost of Resource Centre membership card must be reported immediately to avoid irresponsible/illegal usage of borrowing privilege. Students/staff are to bear all costs incurred if such facility is abused. Resource Centre will not entertain any complaint whatsoever as users is fully responsible for the safety of their membership cards.   


  1. Issues/Comments:
  • Besides the registry briefing, the briefing on how to use the facilities in IRC also needed since not all students know how to use the facilities in IRC for instances, photocopy machine, printing service, etc.
    • IRC feedback: General briefing for IRC facilities and services is given during orientation day for new students’ intake. However, IRC welcome any groups request for specific and details briefing on IRC. Contact User Advisory for further details.
  • Allow the students to bring their bags such as, computer bag or handbag, because there’s problem for students to carry all stuff by hand.
    • IRC feedback: We had been monitoring student activities and behaviour in IRC for the past 5 years and had to implement no bags rules and place a security guard in front of IRC entrance. The direction was approved by UTP Management through our Rector since we found out that student had brought foods and cigarettes hidden in their bags. The food leftovers had attracted a large number of pests (cockroaches, rats, ants, etc.) inside IRC and we had encounter and caught a python (the pests’ predator) on Level G last year. On the other hand, IRC had to do this on HSE requirements for all users. Alternatively, student could also rent lockers provided in Level Basement, 2 and 3 to keep their stuff.
  • Make an announcement especially for Muslims students in order to tell them about the prayer time.
    • IRC feedback: We will consider the suggestion and study the rationality for the service.
  1. Improvements:
  • Increase the quantity and quality of photocopy machine.
    • IRC feedback: We had already identified the latest prepaid all-in-one services and will consider the suggestion soon. The new services will not only provide photocopy services, it will also include wireless printing, scanning, and other services.
  • Allow the students to bring along the mineral bottles and junk foods in order to avoid from feel sleepy during in the IRC.
    • IRC feedback: IRC rules and regulations prohibited foods and drinks to be brought inside IRC premise for HSE purposes. However, we will consider providing paper cups drinking/mineral water machine on selected IRC levels in the near future. UTP Management has also approved to provide food vending machine at Undercroft, Chancellor Complex.
  • Increase the number of OPAC’s computer.
    • IRC feedback: Currently IRC have 74 PC available for users. For information, WebOPAC is available on every PCs provided at IRC. Moreover, we had also produced our brochures which provide alternatives links to access our WebOPAC. The URLs is available via Internet of WiFi worldwide.
  1. Difficulties:
  • The photocopy machine sometimes broke down.
    • IRC feedback: We will study the problems solve the current service soon. Please refer to B. Improvements feedbacks on the earlier topic for future services.
  • The rules and regulations of IRC should be linier for example; student can wear slippers in IRC.
    • IRC feedback: IRC rules and regulations are also based on UTP Students’ Dress Code. Slippers or uncovered shoes are prohibited to be wear inside IRC premise for HSE purposes e.g. heavy books fall on foot toes, tumble down on IRC uncovered stairs, etc.
  • Some books that actually exist on shelve does not exist in the WebOPAC.
    • IRC feedback: IRC had experiencing this problem since we migrated from our previous library system. We had been investigated the root of the problems and will try to solve the problem soon.

Hopefully, all students are clear about the rules and regulations of Resource Centre. We are trying to achieve to best to serve others with the best facilities and services time to time. It is hard to cater all the demands but we try to fulfill them to ensure that everything is better. 

If you have any idea or comment for Resource Centre, please do not hesitate to leave your comment at http://ircutp.wordpress.com/ or http://fircutp.blogspot.com/. You also can drop by your email to our email at wnt.firc@gmail.com. We are welcomed your comment with utmost gratitude as your idea will give benefit to both side. With that, thank you.  


In conjuction with IRC Open Day which will be held on the 11th February 2009, IRC is organizing an AMNESTY DAY. Those who have outstanding fines with no matter how much the fines are and who have not return the book(s) yet, you may do so during the IRC Open Day on 11th February 2009. All your debts will be waived by IRC only on wednesday, 11th February. Below is the conditions for outstanding fines to be waived is as follows:

1. Overdue items must be returned between 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 11th February 2009 .
2. To clear all outstanding fines, user have to come to IRC Circulation Counter for verification
3. IRC will not entertain any request to clear fines through email or telephone

* Condition does not apply to lost/missing items and its processing fees

so people, take this opportunity to return the book(s) without pay the fines.

Come and join! IRC Open Day

IRC Open Day Roadshow

On 28th January 2009, IRC Open Day Roadshow was successfully organized by Friends of Information Resource Centre (FIRC) UTP at two school which are Sek. Menengah Sg. Manik and Sek. Menengah Teknik Teluk Intan which are located in Teluk Intan. The main objective is to introduce IRC Open Day to the outsiders apart from introducing FIRC as an organization which assist Information Resource Centre (IRC) in organizing selected IRC activities and planned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. The other objective are:

1) To introduce students and teachers about the IRC.
2) To train FIRC the skill of communication with the outsiders.
3) To promote the usage of software that is being used in IRC.
4) To expose students and teachers to the uniqueness structure of IRC.

On that day, FIRC have promoted the events and activities which has been planned for the IRC Open Day to school students. The activities are:
  • IRC Tour
  • iRaCe
  • Spelling bee
  • Poster Drawing competition

During the roadshow, students were entertained with several activities which are 'Roda Impian', Sudoku competition, Book Worm Deluxe game, Amazing Adventure: The Lost Tomb game, Juggling the Ball, and exhibition about Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) , FIRC and IRC.

Behind the scenes: